I... am... job?

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What program do you use for your doodles and what is your go-to in-program brush/pen settings for a doodle? Wubba-lubba-dub-dub! from therealkerensa



I use photoshop cs5 and a wacom bamboo tablet. I can’t use SAI since I have a mac… >w< I use a couple of brushes from this set but most of the time I use a basic soft round brush around 20-30% hardness, 50% flow, and I make sure my pen pressure is on to control opacity (I turn this function off when I want to work on the final line art) Size is also controlled by pen pressure, but I’m heavy handed so my lines end up pretty thick in the end -


Are you still taking requests? Could you draw me with Rick where he's trying to teach/impress me something but I am amazed and concerned at the same time? You can find my image on my Tumblr. Should be the first one on my feed. :) You are amazing by the way. from therealkerensa


"H-Hey hand me thUAuugRghT bowl would’ja?"

Brains are always a way to make a first impression U3U